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CURE 2023 International Colloquium Series 1 Poster

City University Research (CURE) International Colloquium is a postgraduate colloquium organized every semester by the Research Management Centre (RMC), City Graduate School (CGS) and City U Press.

CURE will involve oral presentations, with invited expert panels to provide feedback to postgraduate students on their research.

The objectives of the colloquium are:

  1. to provide a platform for postgraduate students to showcase postgraduate research and share contemporary issues in research which also aligns with meeting their graduation requirement
  2. to nurture commencement of research activities among postgraduate students and academicians and therefore, elevate City University Malaysia research output.
  3. to give potential researchers a venue for publishing by requesting the authors of the finest publications to submit their work to the City University e-Journal of Academic Research, CUeJAR under City U Press.



Opening date for Registration

23 October 2023


Last Day for Submission of Abstract

6 November 2023


Last Day for Submission of PowerPoint Slides

15 November 2023


International Colloquium Commencement Date

9 November 2023

Thank you for your interest in participating in the CURE 2023 Series 1 Colloquium.

Please click the link provided below for registration:

CURE 2023 International Colloquium Series 1 Registration Form (CLOSED)


  • CURE Secretariat will reply your submission email regarding the confirmation for eligibility to participate in the CURE 2023 International Colloquium.
  • CURE Secretariat will revert the approved form and will guide the successful applicants on the next steps for further processing.
  • Only selected and successful applicant will proceed to make participation fee payment as per confirmation email send by CURE Secretariat.

There will be NO REFUND should participants decide to withdraw their participation.

CURE 2023 International Colloquium Series 1 commencement date:

9th December 2023.

–> CURE S12023 Sessions and Links (To be announced soon)

CURE Secretariat Contact:


Office Hours:

Monday – Friday

8.30am – 5.30pm